Without your leadership, there is no solution!


Without your employees, the solution doesn't work!


Without constant reassessment, nothing improves!

is the driver, and transparency is the fuel of mobilization.

The decision to bring employees together around common goals and actions clearly set forth by management is the prerequisite of confidence, acceptance and cohesion.

This is why change must be understood by those who carry it out and benefit from it.

Because what is well thought out is clearly articulated, digitization rhymes with simplification and implementation of the method.

and sustainability of a project for all requires everyone’s participation.

All employees must be individually involved in order to put their aspirations, skills and energies at the group’s service.

This transition can then be seen as a lever to enhance the value of human capital and its collective knowledge.

agility and versatility make implementing the solution effective.

And considering results and operational feedback adds an iterative dimension.

Deployed in SaaS mode, the platform guarantees reinforced functional and financial optimization.

No longer being reduced to a sum of skills completely changes my vision of my role in the company! Now I know exactly why I do what I do....

utilisateur klapoti
Arnaud Goudard
Head of News Box operations.

Because Klapoti makes corporate strategy intelligible and meaningful, it reinforces engagement and raises the spirit of enterprise. By being inclusive and cross-sectional, it promotes a change of model within the business, for everyone’s benefit.

Gain better understanding and vision of the business strategy,

Feel more trust and appreciation as members of the group, when they embrace the strategic corporate goals and participate actively and proactively in their tactical implementation,

Gain an empowering view of the strategy, goals, action plan, and results.

Using OKRs has not only strengthened every employee’s involvement and commitment but has also created a richer and more fluid dynamic that empowers all to share their ideas in full equality freed from any hierarchical constraints, resulting in greater enthusiasm and sense of ownership.

klapoti pour les dirigeants
Sophie Froment
Senior Vice President of People at Graphcore

Klapoti aims to clarify and translate strategic vision into action, while urging active and fulfilling involvement of employees.

Thus, Klapoti facilitates durable implementation of the business strategy.

The OKR (Objectives and Key Results) method is the keystone of an ambitious program for change, a creator of added value, an action plan, a barometer of participation, an outcomes-based way of adjusting goals,

An opportunity to simulate possible future actions in order to gauge their impact on the strategy,

A powerful tool to develop team spirit, collaborative networks and corporate culture,

An innovative approach to the respective roles of leadership and employees, thanks to both participating in the organization’s strategy.

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