For many years, I had a wild interrogation in mind : “How can we really impact the steering of a company while delivering the stakeholders’goods ?”

My answer is : contributing to “managerial modernism” formed from the digital transformation, in which I deeply believe and that allows another point of view for the team participation !

Klapoti is thus not just another management tool. It is the first engagement platform, contributing towards an increasing team potential and efficiency amidst the company’s work environment.

Lucie Bailly Founder of Klapoti

lucie bailly fondatrice klapoti

Disseminating the business strategy: leadership has begun its own transformation.

The world is motion. In many spheres (societal, social, political, economic…), mentalities are changing, needs are being affirmed, modes of functioning are advancing.

This also applies to businesses. Employees’ growing affirmation of the search for meaning and involvement leads more and more businesses to alter their internal procedures.

This process tends toward progressive replacement of verticality by transversality, of centralization by interactiveness, attaching employees more closely to strategic choices made.

Company leaders, convinced of the benefits of this approach, embrace employee participation, praise engagement and celebrate human capital, rather than remaining set in their ways of imposing decisions without any explanation or justification.

The KLAPOTI digital solution fully participates in this new logic that breaks down barriers, rewards sharing and inclusion, and stimulates team spirit.

Synthesizing this new way of thinking about the company and its home-grown functioning, this platform enables consensus-based strategic decisions.

It disseminates the access keys to understand goals and required actions.

Like the successive repeated sounds of rippling water (clapotis), this new philosophy is borne along by the digital transformation spreading with the participation of all, for the development of all.

Shall we consider this possibility for your business?

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